Namaste! Mohit Bansal, an aspiring architect, embodies a diverse array of talents. Beyond his pursuit of architecture, he seamlessly navigates through the realms of graphic design, music as an instrumentalist, writing, photography, architectural influencing, exploration as a traveler, and expression as an artist. Rooted in Punjab, he has traversed various regions, collaborating with architects and professionals across the country, fostering a rich tapestry of experiences.

His journey through these multifaceted domains has unveiled his deep-rooted passion for community-based architecture, sustainable practices, and Earth architecture. It was within these endeavors that he discovered a fervor for architectural photography and journalism, finding resonance in exhibition design, as well as pushing the boundaries of experimental and experiential design within the architectural sphere.

Mohit's approach to his craft is distinctive; he doesn't merely design spaces but endeavors to live within them, grasping their essence through the fluidity of circulations and the revealing perspectives of sections. This immersive understanding of spaces profoundly influences his work, infusing it with a unique depth and sensitivity.


He worked as a freelance graphic designer with a heritage resort, his university campus & NASA India's Zonal Design & Editorial team 2022-23 & National Design & Editorial Team 2023-24. He has been actively refining his skills through volunteering and on-site work. During his summer vacations, he spent two months as an Architectural trainee at The Imaarat Studio, Bathinda, founded by Ar. Vidh Chauhan, & dedicated four weeks as a volunteer at Sacred Grooves, Auroville. Furthermore, he completed a six-month architectural internship at dhamm_ada Collective, Bhopal initiated by Nipun Prabhakar. Additionally, he organized an online workshop on "Architectural Diagrams in Illustrator & Sketchup" and was shortlisted in the "Top 23- Interview Round" for the Madla Fellowship program by Ethos, India-2023. He has been awarded with NASA India's Thesis Grant-2024. 

He was chosen as one of 20 members for NASA India's LBT x LIK Program in Trivandrum & was also part of a 30-member team for  NASA India's LIK Program in Hampi. Notably, he performed at the Annual NASA Convention in 2023 as a band member in the "Battle of Bands" All-India top 6. He also showcased a dress in the "Fashion Trophy" Zonal top 6 at Zonal NASA Convention, 2019. Also, He organized an architectural trip for 30 individuals to study the Architecture of Rajasthan. Furthermore, he has volunteered with Jaipur Literature Festival as a sponsorships manager- Feb 2024.

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